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I know, I know, in the words of my blogging idol (StoneColdBetch) my blog sucks…

Alright, so I’ve been completely MIA for the last few months.  I have been going through hell trying to finish up my undergrad and am currently interning/working full time plus finishing up my final class.  This summer was insane (took classes during summer quarter AKA hardest quarter of my life) and I had absolutely zero free time and no time to devote to blogging 😦 BUT, things are slowing down, I’ve gotten into the swing of my new routine and am finally budgeting time for the really important things (blogging, playing dress up and experimenting with hair/makeup, duh) Since it’s been so long, here are a few new things that have been going on in my life:

1. I got a new job! As sad as I was to leave my previous job (I worked at a daycare), I was recently offered a job working in a physical therapy clinic which is what I am going to school for.  It has been a big change but I am so excited to embark on this new chapter in my life.

2. In other news, I’m not sure what I’m getting my degree in is what I actually want to do with my life so I’m having a “quarter-life crisis” or some shit, but whatevs.  I’m 22, I’ll figure it out one day.

3. I bought a car! Her name is Lola and she is midnight blue and fabulous.  Better yet, she is all mine (well… the bank’s) but you know what I mean.  I’m in love.

I guess that is it for now, other than I’m thinking of chopping my loooong luscious locks, but more on that another day!

Whats up and coming:

I’ve been totally redefining my hair care routine and am trying (really TRYING) to stop dyeing it.  My hair has been having more of an identity crisis than I am, and can’t seem to decide if it is going to be uber dry or overly oily.  Hopefully I’ll get an epiphany and figure it out.

Also, I feel the need to shake up my skin care routine.  It’s not working for me so expect a lot of experimenting on that front until I find the *PERFECT* skin care routine.

And finally, even though I was so on track this summer with eating healthy and working out (semi)regularly, as soon as the cold weather hit it all went out the frosted window. So I’m also working on a diet/exercise makeover that you will have a front row seat for!

So that is what you can expect to see on the blog in the coming months (there may even be a makeover for the blog itself) and I hope you bear with me as I attempt to get my shit together and navigate my way through post grad life! (cue hyperventilation).

XO Dani


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