Fav Brow Product of All Time

Let me take you back; back to a time when I was young, dumb, and didn’t know the importance of eyebrows. Way back when, I used to have some crazy brows. I never had the pencil thin ones (thank god), but I did have sparse, random, undefined eyebrows that I desperately needed to take care of. I was never allowed to get them professionally done so I tried my hardest to tame those beasts. Unfortunately my brows just would not cooperate.

One day while mindlessly shopping with one of my friends, we had the ingenious idea to stop at a makeup counter and get some tips. Either that or the sales lady was really great at her job and roped us in. Anyhow, we ended up at the Benefit makeup counter absorbing all sorts of tips, tricks and product info. I had divulged my brow dilemma to the makeup guru there and she suggested I try Benefit’s eyebrow shaping product, Brow Zings. She miraculously used this product to transform my brows from these wimpy, poorly tweezed patches of hair to glorious, perfectly arched eyebrows. I was in love. Unfortunately, being a poor highschooler who could barely afford the gas to get to the mall let alone a $32.00 thing of makeup, I had to pass. (tear). But she had me sold and you can bet that the Benefit Brow Zings kit made it on my Christmas list that year.

Brow Zings

But enough of my woeful eyebrow stories and more about this product that I have been obsessing over for 7 or so years. This kit includes a pigmented wax, a setting powder, a hard angle brush, a blending brush and a little pair of tweezers. Also included is a little tutorial that shows how to use Brow Zings to get your eyebrows looking fab. It comes in three colors, light (best for blondes or very light brunettes) medium (for brunettes) and dark (best for, you guessed it, dark brown and black hair). I use it in light.  One of the best parts about this product (other than it makes your eyebrows look amaze-balls) is that it lasts FOREVER. Literally. I got the kit I had so longed for that Christmas and guess what? I didn’t need to buy another for YEARS. with this product, a little goes a looong way. Trust me. So even though it is a little spendy, you get a lot of bang for your buck.

Now, for some little tips on how I  use it.  If you follow the instructions in the included tutorial, you can’t go wrong.  It’s great.  I have, however, tweaked the method a bit in a way that works best for me, and I’m feeling nice so I’ll share (JK, I’ll share no matter what, that IS the point of this blog isn’t it?).

always start my eyebrow routine by brushing out my brows. I use a brow brush/comb like this to brush my eyebrows slightly up at the start (closer to my nose) then out towards my temple following the natural shape of my brow. One thing to remember when filling in your eyebrows is to follow their natural shape as much as possible.  If you try to fight them and make them do something they don’t want to, you will lose and end up with awkward, drawn on eyebrows. Just don’t do it OK?  The next thing I do is take an angled eyeliner brush (you can use the hard angle brush in the kit, I just prefer a longer handle) and use the wax to gently outline the shape of your brows, again trying to follow their natural shape as much as possible.  Next, I take the same brush, again using the wax, and gently feather through my eyebrows to create little hairlike strokes where my brows are a little sparse.  Brush through them again.  Now take a different hard angle brush (I have one for wax and one for powder. You can also use the kit’s blending brush for this) and use the powder to fill in the outline completely as well as blend and set the wax.  If needed, I brush them a final time and set with a clear eyebrow gel like this one to hold everything in place.  And viola, perfectly shaped, even looking brows in no time!

I have been thinking of experimenting with some other eyebrow systems so if you have any suggestions, feel free to leave them in the comments!

XO Dani


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